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I am a SAHM of 5 girls, so my life is hectic at best. My daughters are 13, 10 1/2, 7, and the twins are 3 1/2. Follow my days as I write stories of the many shenanigans that we get in to.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Okay, yesterday I didn't get time to write. One of my twins was sick and I had to take her to the doctor. Of course, I knew it would be her ears, it is ALWAYS the ears. What I didn't expect was that not only did she have an ear infection in her left ear, but SWIMMERS ear in her right! What? Yep, it's true. No, she's not an Olympic hopeful, just a baby who loves to splash and play in the bath. So, we are on 2 different antibiotics. FUN, FUN! Not to be left out, the other twin decided to wake up from her nap very whiny and clingy. We already call her the "lap baby" because she would much rather be held and carried around than use her own tiny little legs. Yesterday, it was worse. If I put her down at all, she cried, screamed and fell to the floor with feelings so hurt one thought she would never recover. Being the easily-guilted Mom, I picked her back up each time. I know this reinforces her behavior, but sometimes it is just worth it to keep her from screaming. I know that discipline experts everywhere are shaking their heads in shame at me, but I doubt that they are SAHM's with 5 kids and a husband who works nights. They need to remember that Dr. James Dobson also says, "pick your battles". Well, this was one battle that a very tired, overworked Mom lost. But, I have to say that the hugs she gives while being held make losing very worthwhile.


GE is me said...

Saw your post on mom2my6packreview, in regards to slings for twins. I also have twins, but had used friends slings to carry their babies around & fell in love with them. Searched the web & found a lady who makes slings for twins. I got one when my girls were newborns(full term), but it never felt comfortable & I couldn't get it to fit right; didn't feel comfortable with the way the girls were positioned in it, etc. Mine are 2 1/2 now & 30#'s apiece so I'm not going to be using it any time soon.
Good luck w/them & hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Rick said...

You can listen to the critics. You've got to give it your best effort and love your children the way you see best. Cute children - keep up the good work.


Rick said...

I meant "can't listen" :-)