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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Things that disgust me!

First, let me say that of course, there are TONS of things that disgust me....but, I am targeting one specific subject on this blog. Many are huge fans of Ebay, as we all know you can find anything you could ever want or need up for auction. (This includes the world's largest Doritos nugget). What I am referring to at this particular moment is how the "vultures" out there can prey upon parents' weak heart and desire to please our children at any cost. Last year for me was the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Cailyn HAD to have it for Christmas. Needless to say there wasn't a store within a 200 mile radius that had it or its add-on components in stock. So, I set out to buy one on EBay. Imagine my horror when I found the thing going for over $100 and the "extras" for close to $50 or more! We are talking about a cheap plastic Mickey-eared clubhouse for crying out loud!!!! Fortunately for me, I am a determined, yet bargain-hunting Mommy. I probably bid on over 100 auctions before I FINALLY found one at a semi-reasonable price. Yes, she got one, and a few of the figures that go with it. Yes, she was thrilled, and yes, it is a piece of junk! LOL! This year, it is a new hunt....the little bunny "Mimzy" from "The Last Mimzy" movie. If any of you have seen this, then you know it is the cutest stinkin' bunny ever. ALL of my kids want the bunny...even the babies stare longingly at the picture! Once again, I set out to EBay to see if such a bunny exsisted(of course it does). Unfortunately, said bunny was selling for $100+. IF I was ignorant enough(which I am not) to fall for this, that would be over $500 for a STUFFED ANIMAL!!! That is ROBBERY! I decided that I would find Mimzy some other way. Along my search, I did manage to find out how much this fluffy-tailed little monster retails for...$24.99. OMGOSH!!! People were actually PAYING more than 3 times what it SELLS for! Of course, that is, IF you are one of the lucky ones who can find it. If nothing else, my sheer obsession and stubborn attitude about this won this round. I found a website where I could pre-order the fluffy ball of fur. So, I did, and each one of my children will have their very own Mimzy under the tree this Christmas. I also decided to help out other "Mimzy" crazed parents by listing a "non" auction offering information to others wanting Mimzy for their children. I refused to give out my secret to those who only wanted them to sell. I had almost 100 hits and a ton of people contact me before some jerk (who I'm sure was selling) turned me in to EBay for violating the rules. I had NO idea that it was "illegal" to give out FREE information on Ebay, but it is. OH, well, at least I helped several parents fulfill their children's dreams of snuggling with Mimzy. I am so tired of being over-charged for something that is a child's TOY! If we can find a way to boycott these people, then maybe it will end. I am trying, one piece of fluff at a time. :)

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